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BHGP College Pick 'Em 2012 -- Week 10 RESULTS

A change at the top!


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Three weeks ago, mightyry sat atop the standings with an 8-point lead; now he's been ground beneath the jackbooted heel of deutschlandhawkfan, our new overall leader. Of course, he's only down a point, so it's not like his deficit is impossible to overcome... Anyway.

Things are still pretty bunched up at the top, which should make for an exciting finish to our contest. (Except for me -- my picks are terrible. I'm in 128th place. At this point, I'd settle for just finishing .500 for the season.)

Props all around to Cock Bullock, who knew his stuff better than anyone else this week, with 17 correct picks. (Finishing just behind him was IowaninChicago with 16, and then a host of folks at 15, most notably Max Power. He'll just have to console himself with owning the stupid Denver Broncos.)

The top 50 are up top; the full standings can be found by clicking here.