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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Keeping It Short And Sweet

Iowa loses to Indiana. Hoops sweep Quincy. Read all about it.

Jerry Schultheiss-US PRESSWIRE

IOWA FOOTBALL IS STARING 4-8 RIGHT IN THE FACE. Okay, I'm not feeling this. If you want to read about Iowa losing to Indiana, fine. If you want to read some fluffy unicorns and rainbow piece from Hawkeye Sports, there's that too. There's also post-game reaction from Kirk Ferentz and Nico Law. And finally, there's explanations and possible reasons. You probably won't read any of it and I don't blame you, I didn't want to either.

LET'S MOVE IMMEDIATELY TO BASKETBALL. When one door closes, another opens. For once the door to Iowa basketball is emitting rays of sunshine. Fran McCaffery's men's basketball team opened the season with an exhibition versus Quincy Sunday. It was a blowout from the start. Quincy had trouble scoring points against Iowa's pressing defense. Freshman Mike Gesell led all scorers with 18 points.

MCAFFERY TALKED ABOUT HIS TEAM'S DEBUT. There's a full post-game transcript and video. Fran has made a decision about which player red shirts but isn't saying just yet. It does sound like it's just one player. Both Kyle Meyer and Pat Ingram played in the exhibition game but late and with the walk-on team. McCaffery was happy with his team's effort, especially the play of senior Eric May. The season tips off for real this Friday night when the Hawkeyes host Texas Pan American.

LISA BLUDER'S TEAM ALSO SMOKED QUINCY. Melissa Dixon had seven three pointers that would have been a new record had this game been for real. Iowa defeated Quincy 86-51 in their exhibition game that followed the Iowa men. Iowa played without Jamie Printy and they hope she's healthy enough to return for their season opener against Northern Illinois.

PENN STATE WAS TOO MUCH FOR IOWA FIELD HOCKEY. Penn State was the number one seed and they finished Iowa's run in the Big Ten tournament last Friday. The Hawkeyes are currently 14-6 and were ranked #11. The NCAA tournament brackets will be announced tomorrow morning.