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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks The End Of The Season

Kirk Ferentz talked to the media one final time.

Christian Petersen

THIS IS GOING TO BE BORING. Kirk Ferentz began his press conference acknowledging rumors around the program. He said, "This won't be as interesting and dramatic as maybe people want it to be." I'll summarize:

  • Kirk defends his work by citing 10 bowl games and five Top 10s
  • Greg Davis is coming back for 2013, "as far as I know," said KF
  • Greg (Davis) is an excellent football coach, per Ferentz
  • It's about execution
  • About assistant coaches, "We have guys that may have opportunities"
  • Davis is a "smarter" coach than he was in February
  • In a perfect world, Drew Ott would have kept his red shirt
  • A "player (quarterback)" heard about transfer rumors and went to KF to squash them
  • KF cited Jordan Cotton as a player that really improved
  • "it's hardly a hopeless situation"
  • They have a big recruiting weekend coming up (Dec. 7th)
  • "best chance to win"
  • Quarterback will be a fair competition
  • No position changes as of yet
  • Not having a bowl gives coaches a chance to recruit and visit prospects in person
  • Ferentz will recruit anywhere for the final scholarship spots for the '13 class
  • Brad Rogers will have back surgery, all other injured will be ready for spring
  • Austin Blythe, Conor Boffeli and Eric Simmons could play center next year
  • Jordan Lomax is a prime candidate to take over for Micah Hyde
I FOUND THIS INTERESTING. Per, "there is chatter in the profession that Kirk Ferentz might look to bring in a new position coach or two should someone on the staff decide that they might be a better fit somewhere else." Hey, if a coach leaves, Iowa will replace them! If you look really hard at that ambiguous statement, I think you'll see this: "we are hearing something about a coach or coaches but we don't have enough information." There's rumors out there. Erik Campbell is a name that's popped up on message boards. Still, nothing concrete, so, we wait.

LISA BLUDER'S SQUAD TOOK ON FLORIDA STATE LAST NIGHT. As part of the women's ACC/Big Ten Challenge, Iowa was in Tallahassee to take on FSU. Florida State's defense proved to be too much as they forced 24 Iowa turnovers in a 83-69 win. The Seminoles improve to (6-0) on the season. The Hawkeyes fall to (5-3).

THE ACC/BIG CHALLENGE CONTINUES TO BE A STRUGGLE FOR MEN'S HOOPS. Fran McCaffery has brought a lot of change to Iowa men's basketball. One thing that has remained the same, losing to an ACC team in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. It was defense optional for the Hawkeyes at Virginia Tech. The Hokies shot over 50% on their way to a 95-79 win.

BRING ON THE CLONES. Saturday evening, Iowa will host Iowa State in the annual dual meet between the in-state rivals. Iowa State hasn't beaten Iowa since 2004. The Cyclones lost last week to Old Dominion while Iowa is (3-0). Head Hawkeye coach Tom Brands talks about the upcoming meet.