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BHGP College Pick 'Em 2012 -- Week 13 RESULTS

One more week 'til the finish -- who's in the hunt for the top prize?


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My apologies for not getting an update posted last week; the holidays gobbled it right up like a piece of leftover turkey smothered in reheated gravy. In any event, we've reached our penultimate update -- there's just one more week to go in this grand contest. And it's boiled down to a two-man race, essentially: mightyry vs. deutschlandhawkfan. They've traded the top spot for much of this season, so it's not much of a surprise that they're sitting almost neck-and-neck right now. And if they falter badly and lonhawk has a strong week, he could sneak away with the win. If you find yourself well off the pace, don't fret -- the BHGP College Bowl Pick 'Em is just around the corner and you'll have another chance to prove your picking prowess.

Kudos also to this week's top individual scorer, Giddy Up Garmon, with 16 correct picks. (A tip of the hat to the wonderfully-named Ingrown Pube Affairs, as well, who got 15 right this week.) Colteyes and lonhawk split weekly honors last week, with 15 correct picks apiece.

The top-50 and ties are up above; the full standings can be found here.