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No, Iowa Wrestlers, it is Not Wabbit Hunting Season

Mmm, rabbit stew.

The mullet never lies.
The mullet never lies.
University of Iowa Photo Services (Darren Miller)

Tomorrow is Turkey Day, but apparently two freshmen members of the Iowa wrestling team had a different small animal in mind earlier this week.


Morehouse's Gazette colleague, KJ Pilcher, identified the two wrestlers as Connor Ryan and Alex Meyer, two current freshmen on the team. Both were expected to redshirt this season; that now becomes a certainty. The bigger concern is that incident will prevent them from participating in open tournaments or other venues where they could gain some valuable experience this year.

In hindsight, perhaps that righteous mullet Alex Meyer's been sporting should have been a giveaway...

(As always, we'll update this story with additional information if/when more becomes available.)