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GAMETHREADIN': Iowa vs. Western Kentucky

The Hawkeyes and Whatever That Thing Is-es meet in the Cancun Challenge.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Iowa and Western Kentucky meet tonight in the semifinals of the Cancun Challenge, in what appears to be an impromptu gym built in a hotel lobby. Winner gets Wichita State, who defeated DePaul by eleven points earlier tonight.

Television coverage on CBS Sports Network, which is marginally closer to actual television than BTN2Go and Mediacom's Intellivision network. At this pace, we'll be on BTN by June. The good news: MATEEN EFFING CLEAVES is on their pregame show, which makes me feel really old.

Game time was supposed to be 8:30, but the Shockers didn't finish until 8:20, so we're probably looking at 8:50 or so for tip-off. Join us for margaritas and basketball!

As always, open thread rules apply: No slurs, no links to illegal streams, no porn, don't be a dick, etc.