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Super Sports Saturday Open Thread: Iowa-Michigan, First Half

Hawkeyes. Wolverines. Last of the Mohicans meets Red Dawn.

Jerry Schultheiss-US PRESSWIRE

Big day for Iowa athletics today. Wrestling won three matches last night in their Survivor Series-like season opener. Football kicks off against Michigan at 11:00. Basketball plays Gardner-Webb at 7:00.

We'll have threads for everything: Three for the football game, one for the basketball game, and another couple just for snacking. Here's the opener: Iowa-Michigan, first half. Coverage is on ESPN.

Open thread rules apply throughout the day: No slurs against anyone ("Denard is Spanish for 'of nard'" is not a slur), which means no racism, sexism, or homophobia; no porn; no illegal streams of the games; and if you're posting a .GIF, put a title on it so that we can click it closed. Above all else, play nice. We're all family here, and this isn't our Thanksgiving dinner just yet.