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Black Heart Gold Podcast 95: Black and Brew

We preview this week's game with the Michigan Wolverines with Zach Travis of Maize n Brew

Gregory Shamus

A couple of years ago, Maize n' Brew Dave and I put together a podcast called Maize Pants. In retrospect, it should have been called Black and Brew, because that's a far better name. In any case, it was short-lived and a lot of fun, but neither of us do this as a full-time job, and we ran out of time, and Maize Pants went away.

We've now reached Michigan week, and while Maize n' Brew is under new management (Dave's still there, but he's not managing things anymore), the connection remains. We're joined by Zach Travis to talk about just how it is that a blubbery gentleman who likes to point at things turned Michigan around so fast.

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BHGPodcast 95