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BHGP College Pick 'EM 2012 -- Week 11 RESULTS

The newest leaderboard arrives... with a familiar face atop it.

Horace E Cow

(click to embiggen)

The end is in sight (just three more weeks of picks to go, true believers!) and as we enter the home stretch of the competition, a familiar face has regained his spot at the lead of the pack -- mightyry. He has a narrow one-point lead over deutschlandhawkfan. Will it hold up? STAY TUNED. SAME BHGP-TIME, SAME BHGP-CHANNEL.

Meanwhile, this week's weekly high performers came from a bounty of great names. Mind the Bullocks, ZAFT, and josephacampbell led the way with 15 points, but coming in at 14 were Whohah's Valiant Carpetbaggers, HeTateMe, Giddy Up Garmon, gophergold, TitoHawk, mightyry, Simply Rudockulous, Abdul_the_Butcher, Scottsz28, and Workin' it Like a PT Job. Referencing one of my favorite Iowa players and old-school pro wrestling in a single username? A nod to one of the great moments from the 2002 season? A hat-tip to one of my favorite Iowa QBs and my favorite XFL player? Yeah, those all get a big ol' thumbs up from this guy.

The top-50 and ties are up above; the full standings can be found here.