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Tate to Hollow, Eh?: Drew Tate Reenacts "The Catch" in CFL Playoffs

Former Iowa quarterback Drew Tate needed 68 yards in 25 seconds. He did something that looked sort of familiar.

Let's talk about something more positive: You all remember Drew Tate, don't you? Lil' Gunslinger started at quarterback for Iowa from 2004-2006, threw for 8,300 yards and 61 touchdowns, including one slightly memorable score against LSU in the Capital One Bowl. "Tate to Holloway" is so ingrained in the psyche of Iowa fans that I once saw someone driving around Des Moines with custom plates reading "5 2 86" and knew immediately what he meant. It is the placeholder for Drew Tate's place in Iowa lore, always in the first paragraph of any career summary.

Drew's been playing in the Canadian Football League for a while now, and won the starting job with the Calgary Stampeders this year (oddly enough, since he graduated eight years ago, he is the youngest starting quarterback in the CFL). This weekend, the Stamps faced Saskatchewan in the CFL Playoffs, and Tate had the ball with 25 seconds to play and 68 yards to go. What happened next looks oddly familiar.

It had all the hallmarks of that play from New Year's Day 2005: Snap from Calgary's side of midfield, wide receiver streaks down the sideline to Tate's left, defender blows the coverage by staying in the flat, and Tate nails it, hitting his receiver in stride and leaving it to him to outrun the remaining defenders. Right down to him ripping his helmet off in celebration, it's a replay of The Catch.

What the video doesn't show is that Tate took a nasty hit in the first half -- he told the sideline reporter that he didn't remember the entire half, despite throwing two touchdown passes -- or that the play forced TSN (the Canadian version of ESPN) to replay The Catch. He also dropped a swear word in an impromptu postgame press conference. You can see the full highlights here.

The Stampeders will play BC in the Western Division Final and a spot in the Grey Cup next Sunday.