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Micah Hyde Loses Captaincy, Will Play Against Michigan State

Kirk Ferentz held his weekly press conference today and, as expected, we found out a bit more about the fallout to the drunken escapades (and I use the term "escapades" very loosely) of Micah Hyde, Ray Hamilton, and Drew Clark.

So: barring any setbacks during practice or new incidents, it sounds like Iowa will very likely have Hyde and Hamilton on the field in East Lansing on Saturday. (Possibly Clark, too, but he hasn't played all year anyway.) Whatever punishments they serve as a result of the incidents last weekend won't involve game suspensions.

There's also this tidbit from Hyde:

That said, Hyde suiting up on Saturday doesn't eliminate the possibility of Greg Castillo also suiting up as a starter at cornerback. In non-discipline related news from the presser, Ferentz indicated that regular starter B.J. Lowery suffered a setback during practice last week and was "iffy" to play on Saturday.

That would not be ideal, although Michigan State may not have the passing game to really exploit Castillo, either. And, certainly, having Hyde and Castillo as starting corners is vastly preferable to having Castillo and a true freshman (Sean Draper or Kevin Buford) as starting corners in this pivotal game.

UPDATE: Morehouse has a transcript from Ferentz's presser available here (scroll down).

He's also got video from Hyde here: