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BHGP College Pick 'Em 2012 -- Week 6 RESULTS

Updating the leaderboard after an upset-filled Week 6 of college football action.


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Another week, another new leader for the BHGP College Pick 'Em contest. Although this new leader is also a former leader -- mightyry. He (or she) could be well-positioned to maintain that lead for a while, though, with a five-point lead over the second-place challenger (deutschlandhawkfan, one of last week's co-leaders).

As you might have guessed, mightyry also had one of the top scores this week, 18. Only one of our entrants did better than that (19), the wonderfully named Pharty Phoul. That's some high-quality prognosticatin'.

The top-50 (and ties) are above, and you can find the full standings by clicking here.

Boasting, questions, and random musings in the comments, please.