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Depth Charts For Michigan State Game Provide No Clues About Player Punishments

In yesterday's update, I noted that we might be able to glean a few details about the punishments Kirk Ferentz was handing out to Micah Hyde, Ray Hamilton, and Drew Clark for their alcohol-related indiscretions last weekend. Well, the depth chart is out now... and there are no changes relating to Hyde or Hamilton. (Clark was never on the depth chart to begin with, so it wasn't going to help us make any educated guesses about his punishment.)

Micah Hyde remains listed as the starting right corner for Iowa and Ray Hamilton remains listed as the back-up tight end. (The only changes I did see were Andrew Donnal as the starter at right guard and Greg Castillo as the starter at left corner, which reflect who actually started for Iowa against Minnesota. Whether or not changes stick on Saturday remains to be seen, since Ferentz seemed to think that the players they were replacing -- Austin Blythe and B.J. Lowery -- would be healthy for the Michigan State game.) What does that mean?

1) Hyde and Hamilton aren't being suspended for the MSU game.

2) Depth chart information is of minimal importance and we still have no idea whether or not they'll be suspended for the game.

I tend to favor option number two. We should know more about their respective statuses for the MSU game after Ferentz's press conference tomorrow. Stay tuned.