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BHGPoll Week Six: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Remember when we said LSU wasn't very good? Thanks, Florida.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

I spent the weekend in Columbia, Missouri -- the new heart of SEC country -- watching Vanderbilt rebuke Gary Pinkel and Missouri fans scream "FREE DORIAL", so I didn't get to see much football from elsewhere. I came back to the hotel to learn that South Carolina (last week's #10) had pounded Georgia (#11), Florida (#3) made my dreams come true by validating our love of them and general disdain for LSU (#16), and Ohio State was in the process of completing the most satisfying Ohio State win in a decade. We had to give South Carolina credit, if only because we had both teams ranked significantly lower than most others, but the other big wins of the afternoon were losses for teams that we discounted. So yeah, resume ranking is pretty awesome.

Notre Dame's obliteration of Miami keeps them in the top spot. The Irish are now the only undefeated team to outscore their opponents by more than 100 points through five games against a schedule that is over .500 on the season. Florida moves to #2 on the strength of two wins over teams in the top 25. The big moves this week -- South Carolina, Ohio State, West Virginia -- rose on affirmational wins over top 25 teams.

BHGPoll Games of the Week:

#9 Stanford at #1 Notre Dame -- Biggest game of the year to date, as the Irish get their shot at a win against someone that cannot be dismissed as a part of the horrible, horrible Big Ten. Stanford is another team that would be higher in the poll based solely on numbers, with a 19-8 cumulative opponent record that's about to get even higher.

#4 South Carolina at #19 LSU -- The diminution of LSU continues unabated. I have nothing more to add to this.

#7 Kansas State at #15 Iowa State -- On pure numbers, Iowa State is a top 10 team. Their schedule has been ridiculous: To date, their FBS opponents are a combined 16-5, by far the best of any team in the top 50. The TCU win, largely overlooked because of this week's bigger games, was only confirmation of their place in the poll, a place locked in with wins over #34 Tulsa and #39 Iowa. They are knocked down by the loss to Texas Tech. Internal poll logic mandates Tech be ranked behind Oklahoma and Iowa State be ranked behind both of them. This game should, on just math, be a top 10 matchup. Treat it as such.

BHGPoll Game of the Weak:

Idaho at Texas State -- Sure, Texas State-San Marcos is one of the newest teams in FBS, but they've held up relatively well. They sit 2-3 with a win over Houston, and they're exponentially better than Idaho currently sits, though the Vandals did get in the win column last week against New Mexico State. This one's gonna be awesome.