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Kirk Ferentz Issues Statement About Arrests

Kirk Ferentz issued a statement about the arrests of Micah Hyde, Ray Hamilton, and Drew Clark last night. It was incredibly informative and full of detail. Ha, just kidding -- of course it wasn't.

"I was disappointed to learn of the events involving three team members, as all three of these student-athletes have been good citizens during their time in our program," Ferentz said. "We will follow protocol set by the UI student-athlete Code of Conduct, as well as taking additional measures within the program."

This doesn't really tell us any more than we already knew, but that's no surprise. We'll likely have to wait until Ferentz's press conference on Tuesday for substantive information about what sort of punishment Hyde, Hamitlon, and Clark are facing. Although the release of the weekly depth chart on Monday might also give us a few hints. In any event, stay tuned.