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Drew Clark, Ray Hamilton Also Arrested

Apparently it was GET DRUNJ night if you were an Iowa football player in Iowa City last night...

We already reported the news of Micah Hyde's arrest, but it turns out that he had some company in the police blotter. Take it away, Mas Casa:

[S]ophomore tight end Ray Hamilton was charged with a "PINTS" ticket at 12:40 a.m. Saturday. A "PINTS" is "presence on premise (licensed liquor establishment) after hours. Hamilton had his first reception of the season and second of his career last week against Minnesota.

Also, offensive lineman Drew Clark was arrested Friday for a public intoxication. He’s a junior offensive lineman from Marion.

Remember when it had been several months since the last time an Iowa player got busted? That was fun. That said, these are minor offenses -- they're very much the definition of "college kids will be college kids" incidents. 18-22 year olds get drunk and go to bars. SHOCKING!

Hamilton and Clark are both probably looking at something around a one-game suspension each. On the bright side, the loss of either Hamilton or Clark doesn't figure to have nearly as much impact as the loss of Hyde would on the football team. Hamilton had played a bit more recently (and in addition to his reception against Minnesota, he also had some tremendous blocks that sprung big Mark Weisman runs), but tight end remains a deep position for Iowa. Ditto the offensive line, where Clark wasn't in the two-deeps and had yet to play this season (as best I can recall, anyway).

Anyway, boys, let's try to stay out of trouble for the rest of the weekend, eh?