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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Greg Davis And Phil Parker Talk Hawkeye Football

Kirk Ferentz took the week off from press conferences but his coordinators still spoke to the media.

Matthew Holst - Getty Images

INSTEAD OF FERENTZ, GREG DAVIS AND PHIL PARKER SPOKE BEFORE THE MEDIA. Here is the transcript for both Davis and Parker. There's video too. I'll summarize bullet style:

  • Keenan Davis is playing well and blocking better than ever
  • Jordan Cotton has found his place
  • Davis isn't worried about distributing carries and likes the versatility he now has with Bullock and Weisman
  • The passing game and communication is a matter of reps
  • Davis believes the wide receivers are playing faster than when the season started
  • Tight ends are playing well and can make explosive plays
  • Davis would have liked for Rudock to receive reps but games didn't allow
  • Jake Duzey can run and can play tight end or wide receiver
  • Davis doesn't think Vandenberg is locking on to wide receivers
  • At times Davis gives Vandenberg a package of plays in the huddle and the play call comes at the LOS
  • Davis doesn't see Iowa transitioning to the spread offense
  • Parker is spending the week doing a lot of self scouting
  • The defensive line rotation was a plan before the season and will continue
  • Parker credits the players for their energy last week
  • James Morris is like a coach on the field
  • Parker was asked who Weisman reminds him of and replied "Keith Byars"
  • B.J. Lowery is back to practice
  • Parker is comfortable with either nickle or dime coverage when Iowa needs it
  • Maurice Fleming has moved from wide receiver to defensive back
  • Kirk Ferentz has the final say on who red shirts and who doesn't
  • Parker likes what he's seen of Jaleel Johnson and Faith Ekakitie so far
SO MUCH FOR THE PRESS COVERAGE. Marc Morehouse writes that Phil Parker's defense isn't much different than Norm Parker's. Morehouse adds that Iowa has maybe blitzed 17% of the time while sticking to the 4-3 cover 2. Despite the off-season talk of changes, you don't fix what ain't broke. Parker's defense is #29 in the country in scoring defense. Remove the meltdown in the final two minutes against CMU and it's better. It falls back to that Norm Parker philosophy, play the percentages and don't give up the big play.

THE PASSING GAME NEEDS TO COME TOGETHER ON THE FIELD. Morehouse writes that Vandenberg and his receivers pass the written test (given each week before the game). It just needs to come together on the field. The passing game seemed to click in the first half against Minnesota but the second half was a disaster. They've yet to put it together for a full 60 minutes but there's still time to figure it out.

KIRK FERENTZ WILL BE PART OF A DOCUMENTARY ON THE NFL NETWORK TONIGHT. At 7:00 PM (CDT) The NFL Network will air a documentary titled: A Football Life: Cleveland '95. Ferentz served as the offensive line coach at Cleveland under Bill Belichick from 1993 to 1995.

HAWKEYES ANNOUNCE HOOPS BLACK AND GOLD BLOWOUT INFORMATION. Both Iowa basketball teams will make their 2011-12 debut in front of fans on October 19th. The event begins at 8:00 pm (CDT) at Carver Hawkeye Arena. Tickets for the event are $5 for adults and free for students.

THE PENN STATE AT IOWA WRESTLING DUAL MOVED TO PRIME TIME. As to not conflict with the Super Bowl the dual meet was moved to February 1st. Iowa will host Penn State at 8:00 pm (CDT) and the Big Ten Network will broadcast it live.

IOWA MEN'S BASKETBALL GAME WITH UNI TIME SET. The Hawkeyes will travel to Des Moines to face Northern Iowa in the Big Four Classic on December 15th. The game is set to take place at Wells Fargo Arena. Iowa and UNI open the afternoon, tipping at 1:30 pm (CDT). Iowa State will face Drake following Iowa/UNI.