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As you surely already know, BHGP will be presenting AIRBHGAPALOOZA on Saturday, October 20 beginning at 11:00 at Backpocket Brewery in Coralville. The festivities will all take place prior to Iowa's game against Penn State that night. Since the announcement last week, we've had some additional items added to the agenda.

ITEM: The AIRBHG Piñata is here! (See above) We'll be offering swings at the Piñata for $1 a pop, with all proceeds donated to Touchdowns for Kids! The Piñata will be filled with Laffy Taffy and blank police reports!

ITEM: Our very own Sailor Jerry has agreed to play! Backpocket has the Magic Bus at their brewery on Friday night before home games, so they will just keep it for another day. WOO FREE STAGE!

ITEM: Marching band guys Gentlemen with brass instruments who are in no way affiliated with the marching band have indicated there will be an appearance by a beer band! Trombones!

ITEM: This is still in planning phase, but we're talking about recording a live podcast and holding it to post as BHGPodcast 100! Questions from the assembled dozens of fans! Maybe a special guest or two! Excitement! Tape delays!

ITEM: We mentioned last week that Backpocket AIRBHG Ale would be an IPA as bitter as the rampaging deity for which it is named. The brewmaster at Backpocket has informed us that it will actually be an ESB (Extra Special Bitter) (also Ever Single Back, as in AIRBHG will take out Every Single Back)! Craft beers!

ITEM: There's still the possibility of a couple of very special guests, who probably will receive free beers for their efforts! Sam Brownlee! Or Randy Reiners! Or not!

So mark your calendars and join us for AIRBHGAPALOOZA, just 17 days away! It's going to be more fun than a violation of team rules!