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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: jNorthwestern Runs Over Iowa

Defense? Who needs defense?

Kirk Ferentz wonders, WTF
Kirk Ferentz wonders, WTF
David Banks


Judge Smails tries to counsel the Bishop (via mikebuf5)

IOWA FOOTBALL DROPS THEIR SECOND GAME IN BIG TEN PLAY. Northwestern didn't need to pass to defeat Iowa. It was the speed option and read option that accounted for 349 yards on the ground for the Wildcats. Northwestern's two quarterback system stuck with the hot hand and Kain Colter made Iowa pay. Iowa tried to keep Colter within the tackles but it didn't work.

KIRK FERENTZ SPOKE AFTER THE GAME. Ferentz discussed the failures of both his offense and defense. The talk, from both the head coach and players (there's also video from James Morris, James Vandenberg, Micah Hyde and Anthony Hitchens), is failure to execute. The Hawkeyes have lost by a combined total of 35 points the last two weeks.

THERE'S STILL A CHANCE. With a little help Iowa could still win the Legends division. That's perhaps unrealistic. The real goal should be bowl eligibility, that's no gimme. The Hawkeyes did get Damon Bullock back and he rushed for over 100 yards for the second time this year. if you're a believer, here's a quick breakdown of which team(s) to root for this weekend.


Drew Ott did a good job in August, and with each week he has been practicing well, and we have seen him improve and do a lot of good things. We made the decision with five games left to try to rotate some guys on the defensive line; we felt he could bolster our attack there a little bit, and it would be worth his investment in terms of playing time, giving up his redshirt year to help our team right now. It will also help his career long-term.

ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER SPECIAL TEAMS FAILURE. Iowa had a punt blocked to begin the second half that gave jNW the ball on the four yard line. They easily capitalized on the field position and it was a touchdown Iowa eventually couldn't overcome.

#BULLIEDBYTHEBIGTEN. I saw the team Saturday, after the game. I was just an observer but my eyes caught a lot of limping. A lot. This is a bruised and battered team. Brian Ferentz takes to Twitter to use the hash tag #BulliesoftheBigTen. It's marketing and it's backfiring. People can lash out at that but if one of your coaches suddenly backs off his statement, you're in a world of shit. It's one thing for fans to poke and laugh but if the coaches no longer believe it...

IOWA AND CREIGHTON HOOPS SCRIMMAGED THIS WEEKEND. There isn't an official score but Internet rumors claim Iowa hung in there but lost by 10 or so. (Creighton is a preseason Top 20 team.)