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The University of Iowa Unveils Silver Helmets for Sale

The puzzle that is Iowa's own version of "Pro Combat" uniforms is coming together.

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For Sale! On EBay.
For Sale! On EBay.;jsessionid=0D0C1AD6DA9291482D48024543BD045B?

Slowly, we've seen pieces (or prototypes) of what Iowa's uniforms will look like on November 10th when they host Purdue. Initially, these were deemed "Pro Combat" uniforms but it's not Nike that designed these but the Iowa Athletic Department. Here is the post about the uniform pants and jersey that was seen in a Scheels in early September.

And Picture:


Today, the University of Iowa Surplus store on eBay released these helmets available for purchase as a resale:


Iowa will honor veterans on the jersey back - in place of the player name - will be a plate honoring a U.S. branch of service. The rumor is the helmet above will include a Red, White and Blue Tigerhawk, similar to the decal used last season versus Michigan. It could still be the gold Tigerhawk we are accustomed to or perhaps a black Tigerhawk. Red, White and Blue makes sense to me.

Here's the details included in the UofI Surplus eBay listing:

Honoring U.S. Military

The Helmet in the Photos does not Feature the

Decals and Design Which Will be Debuted During the Game

This is a Presale of Helmets for the Upcoming Game

Between Iowa and Purdue on Nov. 10th

We Do Not Currently Have Possession of the Helmets

They Will Be Available for Shipping on Nov. 16th

And of course, here is the link to the eBay listing if you care to pre-order a helmet of your own. Also, a link to Marc Morehouse's story of the Veteran's Day uniform.