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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks Just Northwestern

Kirk Ferentz met with the media to discuss his team and the upcoming game at Northwestern.

Matthew Holst

IT'S KIRK FERENTZ WEEKLY PRESS CONFERENCE TIME. Prior to meeting the press in Iowa City there was the Big Ten teleconference. Here is a transcript for both, and video. I'll summarize:

  • Brandon Scherff and Andrew Donnal are out for the season
  • Nolan MacMillan is listed as first LT
  • Austin Blythe should fill in for Donnal (who was filling in for Blythe)
  • Damon Bullock is cleared to practice
  • Ferentz would rather not play a freshmen OL (Ryan Ward)
  • Matt Tobin is a possibility at LT
  • Michael Malloy is for sure red shirt
  • Jordan Canzeri playing is still week-to-week, had a good week of practice
  • "We all believe in James"
  • A lot of QB questions, too many to summarize them all (This isn't a lazy way around it, I want you to read them all)
  • Tom Donatell is the starter
  • Keenan Davis is playing his best football
HERE ARE THE TWO-DEEPS AND GAME NOTES. Mark Weisman and Greg Garmon share the running back spot. Jordan Canzeri is listed as number two. Kickoff is set for 11:00 am (CDT) in Evanston, Illinois. The game will be broadcast by ESPN2. The broadcast crew is Beth Mowins, Joey Galloway and Lewis Johnson.

THERE'S PLAYER VIDEO. The Cedar Rapids crew grabbed video of Anthony Hitchens, Steve Bigach, Tanner Miller, James Vandenberg, Brett Van Sloten, Mark Weisman, Micah Hyde and Dominic Alvis. They talk Penn State, injuries and look forward to Northwestern.

THE WILDCATS HAVE SOME INJURIES TOO. Both Nick VanHoose and Quinn Evans are "doubtful" for this Saturday's game with Iowa. Both play in the secondary and VanHoose could be jNW's best DB. There's concern over the extra defensive back would be but does it really matter against Iowa?

jNORTHWESTERN'S PASS GAME SUCKS TOO. Thought Iowa's passing game was worst in the Big Ten? Guess again. It's jNorthwestern's air attack that is the conference's worst. Their offense is averaging 172.75 passing yards a game. Iowa's isn't far ahead at 189.

JAMES VANDENBERG JUST DEALS WITH IT. There were boos and hecklers. Vandenberg says "none of that stuff really bothers me." He's Iowa's quarterback. Ferentz said he's sticking with the fifth year senior, despite the hard times. The team stands behind him too.

HOOPS. The media ranked the Big Ten basketball teams and Iowa is voted the league's 7th best team. Indiana is the overall top team but Michigan received three votes. Scott Dochterman, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, is one of the three that selected Michigan first. Doc also had Iowa seventh.