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BHGP College Pick 'Em 2012 -- Week 8 RESULTS

Updating the leaderboard after Week 8.


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The thrills! The chills! The spills! Ah, there's nothing like the BHGP College Pick 'Em leaderboard. A week ago, I wondered if mightyry was the Secretariat of this competition, the rampaging horse-god of the prognostication circuit, running roughshod over the field and leaving his erstwhile competition in the dust. A week later and while he's still our leader, his lead has been shorn in half by deutschlandhawkfan. There's definitely plenty of life left in this race.

Kudos to Dirty Mike and the Boyz, as well, who took home the best score this week (17), just ahead of cawhawki and Simply Rudockulous (16). FUN FACT: "Simply Ruduckulous" is also Ferentz's go-to response whenever someone asks about another quarterback playing a snap this year.

Anyway, the top 50 and ties (which bloats out to 65 this week) is up above and the full standings are available here.