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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: It Was A Black And Gold Blowout Weekend In Iowa City

The Blowout started Friday night and continued through Saturday evening.

Matthew Holst

University of Iowa Dunk Contest (All Dunks) (via ZachKlever)

THE HOOPS TEAMS SHOWED OFF IN CARVER-HAWKEYE ARENA. Fran McCaffery arrived in a Gold Corvette and Lisa Bluder broke it down Gangnam Style. In front of a crowd larger than most Todd Lickliter teams drew the Hawkeye men and women's ballers played in scrimmages and held a three-point contest and dunk contest. There's plenty of video of the player introductions, dance team and contests. Iowa fans are ready for some hoops and after the strong attendance Friday night it appears the Black and Gold Blowout might be here to stay.

MAYBE THEY NEED TO CHANGE THE NAME. The football team apparently took the "Blowout" thing literally. The pregame party was fun but that was about it. The Hawkeyes were outclassed from the kickoff by Penn State. The Nittany Lion offense looked like what we all expected Iowa's offense to look like this year.

FERENTZ SPOKE AFTER THE GAME. He deflected most questions, including the quarterback question and why Rudock didn't get snaps late in the game. In the short transcript Ferentz addressed Scherff's injury. We learned via Twitter last night that it is a broken fibula and dislocated ankle for Scherff. His season is over.

JAMES HINDENBURG VANDENBERG. Look around. The biggest discussion point is probably the quarterback position. Those doubting Vandenberg took a week off after Iowa's comeback win over Michigan State but after this loss it's front and center. James Vandenberg said the boos from fans directed at the offense/team were warranted. He replied, "they're well deserved." The season is certainly not over. Iowa has five games on the schedule and must win two of them to be bowl eligible. Mike Hlas asks if the Hawkeyes could do better with a new signal caller.

THERE'S POST GAME VIDEOS. There's Kirk Ferentz. The players included are Mike Meyer, Nolan MacMillan, Hindenburg, Micah Hyde, Keenan Davis, James Ferentz, Mark Weisman and James Morris. It wasn't happy times, that's for sure.