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We're local news-famous! Which is even better than interwebs-famous! (I think.)

First our little meme gone wild made it on KWWL:

(h/t to @michaelgraham)

Now our AIRBHG-inspired festival is getting profiled in the Press-Citizen:

What do Jewel Hampton, Adam Robinson, Marcus Coker, Shonn Greene, and now, Mark Weisman all have in common?

They are among the scores of past and present Hawkeye running backs who have fallen victim to the Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God or AIRBHG (pronounced "airbag").

For roughly a decade, the AIRBHG has been claiming University of Iowa running backs through injuries, academic troubles and run-ins with the law, leading many Hawkeye faithfuls to suspect a curse is at play. But now, two college roommates -- one who runs a highly-anticipated brewery and the other who runs a successful Hawkeye sports blog -- are teaming up to attempt to appease AIRBHG and reverse the curse.

Click the link to read more, including:

* Details of the original plans for AIRBHGAPALOOZA! (Curse you and your concern for public safety, Coralville Fire Department!)

* Pat cryptically teasing "special guests"!

* Discussion of the blowout 100th BHGPodcast!

Thanks to Lee Hermiston and the Press-Citizen for helping us spread bad publicity for the program promote AIRBHGAPALOOZA.