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BHGP College Pick 'Em 2012 -- Week 7 RESULTS

Updating the leaderboard after the Week 7 action. Is there a Secretariat in this race?


(click to embiggen)

Another week, another... wait, repeat leader? Yes, as I suspected last week, mightyry is again the leader of the 2012 BHGP College Pick 'Em contest. In fact, not only has he remained top dog in this contest, he's expanded his lead even more -- what was a five point lead last week has become an eight point lead this week. Clearly, we need to be getting handicapping advice from him.

Does this mean the contest is over? Well, no. There are still several weeks to go and one bad week by him could send him back to the pack and open things up for a free-for-all to the finish. But at the halfway point, he's definitely opened up an impressive lead.

Kudos also to Dino Woolridge, who had this week's top score (17).

The top-50 (and ties) are above and you can find the full standings by clicking here.