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The greatest event in history starts at 11:00 Saturday at Backpocket Brewery in Coralville

Twas five days before AIRBHGAPALOOZA and all through the blog
Was eager anticipation of the beer and the hog
The piñata was hung in the brewery with care
In hopes that the proletariat soon would be there

The fans were waiting for their turn with the pole
Arguing pronunciation (Is it LAWL? Is it LOHL?)
When out in the beer garden arose such a clatter
Twas the beer band with horns and songs and chatter!

Everyone was sipping on AIRBHG ESB
Looking for special guest, oh who could it be?
AIRBHG victim tribute video playing on the screen
That angry running back hating god sure can be mean!

Oh A-Rob, oh Hampton, oh Coker and McCall
It's team rule violations and knee injuries for all
Oh AIRBHG, we can't understand your method or muse
But your work got our shirts on the Channel Seven news

I went outside to the beer garden, and when my eyes did adjust
I saw a podcast recorded from the Magic Bus
The jokes weren't funny, the recording so ghetto
The statistics inaccurate, the song in falsetto

It was BHGP nirvana, it was beer geek heaven
But the game was set to kick off at seven
As we left the event and drove out of sight
"Stay away AIRBHG! Let's beat Penn State tonight!"