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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Hoops Media Day And Bring On The Spartans

Fran McCaffery talked up his Hawkeye hoopsters and Iowa finally plays another football game.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Iowa Men's Basketball Media Day (via hawkeyesportstv)

BEFORE WE GET EXCITED ABOUT IOWA'S FOOTBALL GAME AT MICHIGAN STATE. Let's see what Fran McCaffery had to say about the upcoming basketball season. Fran talked about his team yesterday at Iowa's media day that kicks off the season. Here's the full transcript and video. I'll summarize:

  • Eric May is as healthy as he has ever been
  • Woodbury and Gesell will contribute immediately
  • The goal is to get to the NCAA tournament and advance
  • Marble needs to take the next step
  • Marble is determined to get better
  • Fran would like Aaron White to improve his 11 ppg to 15 or 16 ppg
  • Melsahn is in the best shape of his life
  • Oglesby needs to look for his shot more
  • There's a good shot someone will red shirt
  • Olaseni has made amazing progress
NOTE. There's a ton more from Fran there. (Please, make sure to read the transcript.)

FRAN IS EXCITED AND WE ARE EXCITED. Iowa hoops ticket sales are up on the year,10% over last year. Iowa still has ticket packages for sale.

NOW, ON TO SPARTY. Get ready for a tough, physical game. Both teams are known historically for their defense and "bullies" style. The weather forecast is cool with rain. Perfect for old man football. Iowa's bruising running back, Mark Weisman, is becoming a household name and Michigan State will be zeroed in on the 235 pound rusher.

IOWA DEFENSIVE LINEMEN STEVE BIGACH AND LOUIS TRINCA-PASAT WILL BE READY. Bigach says the bye week was a good chance to get rest and focus on Michigan State. LTP says he's adjusted to his added weight and finally feels comfortable at 285 pounds.

IOWA'S COORDINATORS TALK MICHIGAN STATE. Both Greg Davis and Phil Parker talk to Hawkeye Sports for a couple minutes. Davis said the team had a "real good open date." He hopes the offense can build on the momentum from the Minnesota win. Phil Parker says the team has been focused on Michigan State since last week. Le'Veon Bell is a "heck of a back" and the defense has to step up and stop the run.

THERE'S PREDICTIONS. We'll start in our backyard with Marc Morehouse (about the only person on the planet that took Iowa over Minnesota.) M'house gives Michigan State the edge in advantages and even picks Sparty to win, 19-16. Both ESPN Big Ten bloggers also pick Michigan State. Brian Bennett says MSU 17, Iowa 14. Adam Rittenberg says MSU 21, Iowa 17. The Big Ten Network's Brent Yarnia and Tom Dienhart also take MSU.