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Iowa Touchdowns for Kids Update and Special Offer

The thanks may be over, but the giving never stops. Make a donation to help the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.

We've reached the end of Touchdowns for Kids 2012, and despite the comic ineptitude of the Iowa offense this season, we had a pretty good year. The BHGProletariat has made 106 pledges, totaling $286 per touchdown. Iowa scored all of 26 touchdowns (sigh), which works out to $6,292. That total does not include sales of Friends of the Pants shirts, which we'll get to in a minute. It also does not include $150 of donations from AIRBHGAPALOOZA. At the moment, total donations are $6,567.

The story is this: You, ladies and gentlemen, came through. We had more pledges and more pledged per touchdown this year than the previous season, and if you take out some glitches from the first season (specifially, the awesome Seth Olson putting his donation under BHGP's umbrella), it was our most successful year yet. BHGP made up 26.8% of TD4K's donations this year, and while our hope is that the program as a whole has a better 2013, we're certain to keep up our end of the bargain.

Still, $6,567 rings a bit hollow. There's not much we can do about the offensiveness of the Iowa offense this year, but we can do a little something about that total. So we'll make you a deal: Buy more merch, and we'll give it all to Touchdowns for Kids. Every penny of profit (sorry, we still have to pay for the shirts) from all sales at the Spreadshirt shop between today and the end of the year will be donated to Touchdowns for Kids. Doesn't matter if it's AIRBHG, the Ferentz shirt, a classic like Go Iowa Awesome or Stand By Your Fran, or one of the new items coming soon (SPOILER ALERT BHGP iPhone cases are now available in the shop), if you buy it, we're giving it all to the kids.

It's Cyber Monday, which used to be the creepiest day of the week on America Online but now means you can spend all your virtual dollars. So spend them with us, and help us build a hospital. Thanks to all of you for your contuinued support of Touchdowns for Kids.