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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Hawkeye Football Freed Floyd

Minnesota arrived in Iowa City 4-0 and left with their first loss of the season. They also left behind the prized bronze pig and Iowa's trophy case is empty no more.

Matthew Holst - Getty Images

THE GOPHERS WERE UNDEFEATED WHEN THEY ARRIVED AT IOWA CITY. They were confident they could match-up with Iowa's wide receivers and passing game. It was Mark Weisman and the Iowa offensive line that the Gophers had no answer for. There was also a stingy Iowa defense and some Hayden Fry style trickery.


Floyd of Rosedale returns to Iowa (via hawkeyesportstv)

ABOUT THAT DEFENSE. Iowa played eight linemen along the front four. Those eight accounted for 23 tackles in Saturday's win. The back seven played well too. Greg Castillo, Tanner Miller and Christian Kirksey all intercepted Minnesota quarterback Max Shortell. Kirksey's INT went for a 68 yard touchdown that proved to be the final nail in the Gopher coffin. ESPN's Big Ten blog awarded helmet stickers to all three Iowa linebackers.

HEY! WE'RE NOT TERRIBLE. And maybe, there's a chance? Scott Dochterman writes that Iowa's toughness will be an asset in the Big Ten. Doc has this quote from James Morris,

"Are we where we wanted to be at this time? No, we're not. I think those were all winnable games that we lost. But we can't do anything now. But I like where we are going into the next phase. I feel good about what we're capable of, and I think if we continue and improve, we're going to be happy at the end of November."

A lot of improving needs to be done, especially in the passing game. Iowa's figured out how to run the ball though and the Hawkeye offensive line is improving every week.

ABOUT THAT PASSING GAME. Iowa is five games in and the passing game is still a work in progress. I joked after the game that Minnesota's best rush defense was showing the corner blitz leading to James Vandenberg checking out of the run to a pass. Vandenberg talked about the Minnesota double corner blitz. He said,

"That's something I've never seen from anybody, what they were doing today, double-corner fires, from the field and the boundary. It caught us off guard and we didn't adjust very well."

Iowa's woes are not just a quarterback problem. Keenan Davis said,

"We've just got to be on the same page. It's just hot routes. It's something we have to work on and keep getting better at it, but I think we caught the ball better and had an overall positive day."

KIRK FERENTZ SPOKE AFTER THE GAME. He is, of course, "thrilled" with the win. Kirk credits Greg Davis for the call on the flea flicker. He also said the first half was the best football Iowa has played this season. Ferentz added he thinks the upcoming week off is at a perfect time and the team will turn their focus to the road trip to face Michigan State.

Iowa runs the flea flicker for a TD (via TheMrNCAA)

THE PLAYERS DID INTERVIEWS AFTER THE GAME TOO. The Gazette crew grabbed video of Keenan Davis, Matt "F Bombin'" Tobin, Brandon Scherff, James Vandenberg, Mark Weisman, James Morris, Joe Gaglione and Christian Kirksey. There is also a small injury update in this post. Both Austin Blythe and B.J. Lowery are expected back to practice this week.