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Iowa vs. Ohio State Basketball LIVEGAMEOPENTHREAD

Iowa basketball returns home after an unexpected (but delightful) two-game road winning streak against Wisconsin and Minnesota to face their stiffest test yet this season: #6 Ohio State. The Buckeyes are by far the best team Iowa's played so far, with elite talent inside and outside. As Horace pointed out yesterday, there are ways for Iowa to win this game that don't involve a meteor striking the OSU team bus, but they rely on almost everything breaking well for Iowa -- and a few lucky bounces going their way, too. But still: there's a legitimate chance, which is more than we could have said a month ago, when the Hawks were getting pulverized by the likes of the Fightin' Camels. We'll happily take progress like that.

The game is expected to be a sellout (or near-sellout), the first in a long time; two straight exciting road wins have (justifiably) rejuvenated the Iowa fanbase, which should create the most electric atmosphere seen in CHA in a few years. If you're not there, you're welcome to join us in the open thread. The game is on BTN at 2pm CT.

The standard open thread rules apply: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no religion, no politics, no slurs, no douchebaggery. Go Hawks.