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Iowa vs. Indiana Basketball LIVEGAMEOPENTHREAD

Iowa's first in-conference taste of Nebrasketball proved to be rather bitter on Thursday night, but there's nothing to do now but try to wash out that taste with another win. Enter: Indiana? On the bright side, Iowa's won four in a row over Indiana, easily its best active winning streak in B1G play. On the not so bright side, this year's Indiana team is considerably better than the Indiana teams from the past two seasons. Oh bother. Still, this Iowa team has been hard to pin down in conference play, so who knows what we'll see in this game. We might get the team that dominated Michigan from start to finish. We might get the team that played one half of decent basketball against Purdue. And we might get the the team that got blitzed by Michigan State. Unpredictability, thy name is Iowa basketball.

The game is on BTN at 5pm CT.

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