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Iowa vs. Purdue Basketball LIVEGAMEOPENTHREAD

Our Most Hated Rival handed Iowa their first conference loss of the season, back on December 28, back when you wouldn't have been criticized for thinking that moral victories might have been the best Iowa could hope for out of their hugely challenging schedule to start Big Ten play. Three actual wins later, though, and things are looking much rosier.

So, fresh off their impressive win over Michigan, the Iowa hoopsters hit the road for West Lafayette tonight, in an attempt to even the season series with Our Most Hated Rival at one game apiece. Road wins have been relatively hard to come by in the B1G this year, but Iowa already has two, tying them with Purdue, Michigan State, and Wisconsin for most in the league so far. As Horace said yesterday, though, what really matters is which Iowa defense turns up for this game: if it's the good one, Iowa should have the chance to pull another road upset (they're 10.5 point underdogs to Purdue tonight); if it's not, this game could get ugly.

Iowa has a bye this weekend, so this is their last game for nine days; hopefully they can go into that break on a high note. The game's on BTN at 7pm CT.

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