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Digging deep into the wrestling tiebreaker rule

Well it's four days later. Still mad that the Iowa wrestling team lost its unbeaten streak due to a freaking tiebreaker? Yeah, me too.

So for a little closure, I decided to check out the NCAA rules concerning wrestling's new tiebreaker rules.

Here's what I found:

3.15 Breaking Ties in Dual Meets and Team-Advancement Tournaments

When two teams finish in a tie in a dual meet or a team-advancement tournament, the following criteria shall be applied to determine a winner:

OK, that seems legit.

Let's see, criterion one

3.15.1 Greater number of victories

Both teams won five matches. Next!

3.15.2 Combined total of falls and technical falls

There were no falls or technical falls. Next!

3.15.3 Total match points

Now this is where Oklahoma State had the advantage, 54-51, but let's say that match points were even too. Let's go to criterion four.

3.15.4 First takedown

Damn, the first takedown belonged to the mad Russian Alan Gelogaev, so the Hawks are screwed again. What happens, though, if there are no takedowns by either team (which is probably a scenario equivalent to hell for Hawkeye fans)?

Well... things get weird.

3.15.5 Head coaches arm wrestle


(Obvious dramatization, since Smith's forearm is still intact)

A pretty big jumping off point from first takedown, but I like our chances in this criterion, unless Smith can find a way to stall during a arm wrestling match too. And if that happens well...

3.15.6 Dizzy bat race between heavyweights

Once again advantage Iowa. Telford may be small for a heavyweight, but he's perfect for a dizzy bat race. Next!

3.15.7 Most wrestlers with N, C, or A in their last name

Hubris thy name is the NCAA. By the way, this one ends in a tie. Six wrestlers apiece

3.15.8 Rock, paper, scissors


Now we're just getting lazy.

3.15.9 Football team's record


3.15.10 Longer all-time unbeaten streak

You've got to be kidding me.

3.15.11 Dan Gable

That's the last one. And you know what? That's all we need. Oklahoma State can have the match points criterion, we've got Gable.

Suddenly, I'm feeling better again.

Sort of