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It's HATE WEEK and, as we discovered last month, few things inspire more good old-fashioned hate than the Cy-Hawk Trophy.  In case you've forgotten, Iowa and Iowa State used to play for this hunk of junk.  Then the game got a new sponsor (Iowa Corn), who decided that the new trophy didn't adequate represent Iowa (or corn) enough.  So they gave us this gem.  Public reaction to the new trophy was... not kind.  

So Iowa Corn asked for a mulligan and decided to re-design the trophy, using actual fan input (what a concept!) this time.  (In fact, you can submit designs and ideas here, something we encourage you all to do.)  Except that new trophy won't be ready for a while and there's an Iowa-Iowa State game coming up on Saturday and ZOMG WE NEEDS A TROPHY WHAT WILL WE DO IF WE DON'T PLAY FOR AN UGLY PIECE OF BRIC-A-BRAC?!  So there will be an interim trophy this weekend.   And, per Doc, they won't be bringing the now-retired Cy-Hawk Trophy out of mothballs for one last appearance.  So if you're keeping count, that will make four different Cy-Hawk Trophies in existence: the original, the failed replacement, the interim trophy, and the yet-to-be-finished new trophy.

We'll have to wait until Saturday to catch a glimpse of the new interim Cy-Hawk Trophy.  In the meantime, though, we have a few guesses.


It's art-y, but also sport-y.


Jamie Pollard graciously donated his most prized possession.  (His team came in third in their Thursday night league, but he still considers it the greatest sporting achievement he's ever been associated with.)


This was the official recommendation from the Iowa State Athletic Department.


aka, the "Truth In Advertising" Trophy.


SWERVE!  You know they're itching to get some use out of this disgrace.

As always, we welcome your suggestions (for either the interim or the new full-time Cy-Hawk Trophy) in the comments.