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BHGP College Pick 'Em Results -- Week One


Gameday Depot
FTC disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Gameday Depot and SB Nation.

Congratulations to Lefty Rosenthal for finishing first in this week's BHGP College Pick 'Em and winning the first $10 gift certificate from Gameday Depot. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email with instructions on how to claim your prize. You can choose one that can be used for officially licensed NCAA apparel and merchandise or one that can be used for custom t-shirts you create yourself.

No worries for the rest of you, as we'll be giving away another $10 gift certificate this week. Don't forget to make your picks before the deadline, and remember, a $50 gift certificate is on the line for whoever wins the entire season, so keep playing each week.

Full Week One standings can be found HERE. The Top 50 after the jump.  We had 309 entrants this year.  In related news, our community absolutely rocks.

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This isn't a comprehensive Top 50 since there were more people who finished with 17 correct than just that -- but I had to draw the line somewhere.  You can see the full results as a Google doc at the link above the jump.

There were once again plenty of great entry names.  I'm still fond of Bell Biv DeVries (back from last year!), but other good ones include:

* Fiedorowhisky for my men
* Long Hard DiBona
* Cuckoo for Coker Puffs
* Hi I'm Alf's Dad. (holy random!)
* Legendary Jacobi Stadium (suck up!)
* TastesaLittleMcNutty
* Bromicidal Tendancies
* Fister Roboto
* Candygram for Nardo
* Chabdul Hodgeway (truly an unstoppable linebacker force)
* Heiar Calling
* Rhabd'oh
* Sam Aiello's right cross (an oldie but a goodie)
* Turd Foreplay
* We'll be McNutt'n on OMHR
* World Coker Tour
* Childish Stanzino
* Bryce Bryce Baby
* can't smoke this herb
* Hamms Across America
* ISleepwithaBuckeye
* Laissez-Ferentz
* Absolutely Rudockulous (ahead of the curve!)
* Rudock You Like A Hurricane (also ahead of the curve!)

But that's just a small sample of the excellent names on display.  Well done, folks.