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This image will make sense in due time.


BHGP Podcast Number 65 Retirement Age Look At Our 65-Year-Old Wrinkly Balls Of Retirement is finally uploaded and ready to do the rocking. We're joined by @frankthetank111 of Frank The Tank's Slant, and do not let the "random internet bro" nature of either of those names fool you -- Frank is and has been for the last 18 months the single best source of information on conference realignment. Realignment is special, because it's essentially big business being conducted by homer fans with way too much influence, and if that sounds like a terrible idea, it is, so as with all terrible ideas, it's best to have a lawyer around to talk you through all the different scenarios in play.

This episode was fun. I hope you have fun listening. Eat a poop if you don't have fun listening. Yes, eat one single poop. I don't care whose, that's not the point.