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In Which Jordan Bernstine Likes To Hit People

Say hello to Jordan Bernstine.  Jordan Bernstine likes to hit people with great ferocity.  (Skip ahead to 0:56 if you want to see him lay a punishing block on a punt return that would make Marshall Yanda's infamous block from the 2006 Iowa State game tip its metaphorical hat in admiration.)

(A massive hat tip to YouTube user c098730 for uploading this clip.  Your efforts are much appreciated.)

Someone in the gamethread on Saturday called him BOOMSTINE upon seeing that hit, which may be the best nickname someone on this site has bestowed on an Iowa player since C.J. Fiedorowicz became The Polish Hat.  Bernstine is bringing the lumber on tackles with the sort of brutal power that we haven't seen from an Iowa defensive back since, well, probably Bob Sanders.  Hopefully Bernstine has a few more highlights in store for us over the course of the season.