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Time for the night shift, ladies and gentlefolk.  The afternoon teased us with a dash of schadenfreude with IlLOLinois, but it 'twas not to be.  The Big Ten's perfect record for the day remains intact.  The evening has some interesting games to take in, though:

600pm: Florida at Kentucky (ESPN)
600pm: Vanderbilt at South Carolina (ESPN2)
600pm: Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State (ESPNU)
600pm: Nevada at Texas Tech (FCS)
600pm: North Dakota State at Minnesota (BTN)
600pm: Rice at Baylor (FSN)
630pm: Nebraska at Wyoming (Versus)
700pm: LSU at West Virginia (ABC)
700pm: Missouri at Oklahoma (FX)
700pm: Tulsa at Boise State (CBS College Sports)
915pm: USC at Arizona State (ESPN)
915pm: Oregon at Arizona (ESPN2)

There's also a UFC PPV going on if that's your thing.  Join us, won't you?

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