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Louisiana-Monroe vs. Iowa Football LIVEGAMEOPENTHREAD

Hey there. Time to get your football on.

The usual rules of open threading apply: no porn, no illegal online streams, no religion, no politics, no slurs (that includes calling people or things "gay," by the way), etc. And while we understand game threads exist to provide near-instant reactions to events, please try to keep in mind what Jacobi said earlier this week:

There aren't many relaxing Saturdays left, so be forewarned: We had a lot of pessimism in the game threads on Saturday, and we don't exactly blame anybody for it. For the first 42 minutes of play (maybe even the first 48), yeah, that was a really frustrating game, and there wasn't a Hawkeye fan that wasn't feeling the anguish. We were all seeing a situation on the field--Iowa getting blown out--that we hadn't seen in literally over 40 straight games, and it sucked.

All that said, there were a few, shall we say, overly inductive arguments being made in the game threads in the third quarter. The worst examples were calls to bench Vandenberg for good or to fire the entire coaching staff (seriously), but those are extreme examples of a more prevalent condition. Point is, there were a lot of us that had "seen enough" while the eventual Iowa win was still going on, and that were ready to give up long before the team was. That's not a bannable offense by any stretch at BHGP, and we're never going to issue official warnings to anybody on the basis of pure pessimism, but speaking not as a BHGP administrator but a fellow Hawk fan I would like to give the sincere suggestion that the next time any of us want to express our frustration in, shall we say, out-of-the-mainstream fashion, let's at least wait until the game is over to do so, okay?

It's one thing to say "this is unacceptable performance" if the team is putting on a horror show, and it's one thing to turn the game off out of frustration*** for at least a quarter or two, but let's be honest: this is not the last time Iowa is going to be down by double digits this season, and it is not the last time Iowa will frustrate the living Christ out of us. That's all happening again, believe that. But let's at least give the coaches and players until the end of the game to work out what might be temporary issues, because if you ask for a coach to be fired in the middle of what ends up being his biggest comeback victory ever, in the third week of his 12th season as a head coach, you just end up looking like an asshole more than anything. And besides, venting is what the postgame venting thread is before. Let's save the macro angst for there and the in-game observations for the in-game threads; to do otherwise just distracts and incenses fans who are already as frustrated as you are, and it makes temporary antagonists out of people who should be allies. Not fun. We're all Hawkeye fans here, are we not?

But yeah, if someone beats Iowa by 21 points, trot that frustration down to the postgame threads (so long as you follow the most basic of rules re: treating other people like actual people), and let it fly. It'll be more satisfying that way anyway.

Game on.