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Angry Iowa Fan Is Angry

Hello there, friendos.  We need to have a little chat.  About a picture.  And the Iowa fan therein.



This photo appeared in a fluffy CNN article about college football fans getting bent out of shape by fall weddings.  Of course, the guy in this picture isn't at a wedding (we hope) and there's no mention of him (or any Iowa fans) in the article itself.  Presumably some CNN editor was just looking through the "butthurt college football fans" folder, came upon this gem, and decided to run it with the article to give the butthurtedness in the article a little visual flair.

But let's talk about this picture for a few seconds.  Judging by the lighting, it's indoors, which narrows the potential locations considerably: it's probably either from an Iowa trip to the Hump Dump or from an Iowa trip to the Alamo Bowl (which means it's either 1993, 1996, 2001, or 2006). He's wearing one of the ugly mid-'90s Reebok Iowa jerseys (complete with obnoxiously big "IOWA" nameplate across the front, which... why?  In case the players forgot what team they were on?  The fans forgot which team to cheer for?), which were better than the Apex jerseys but still an eyesore.  So he's not a man of discerning taste.

He's in mid-FFFFFUUUUU face, which is an impressive get by the photographer: clearly something in the game has gone badly awry (although no one else in the picture seems too fussed about what's going on) and he is making his displeasure known.  He also appears to be torn between giving the double thumbs down or shaking his arms up and down in an angry tantrum, because his anger cannot be contained by mere booing.  Oh, and he's WAVING A POM POM, which is just... adskl;fasdj;.  Words fail.  So we salute you, Angry Iowa Fan Of The Century Of The Week Of The Day: if there's any justice, your incoherent, gesture-happy, prop-accompanied rageout will become the internet's newest meme.