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Iowa vs. Pittsburgh: Quote, Unquote

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"Close games are won and lost on leadership." - Pittsburgh coach Todd Graham

"They absolutely could not run the ball." - Graham

"We were trying to throw our whole passing game at them." - VDB

"Guys were fatigued a little bit." - Graham

"In the gun I do feel comfortable." - Iowa quarterback James Vandenberg (VDB) on playing under center vs. out of the shotgun

"They left a LB on him." - VDB on the two touchdowns to Martin-Manley

"It was different and that's what probably won us the game, being different" - Keenan Davis on relying on the no huddle offense late in the game

"We're not against being uptempo." - Ferentz

"We practiced a lot in camp, but we really didn't practice it the last couple weeks." - Davis on the no huddle offense

"The other thing, too, up tempo could be three plays and you're out pretty quickly." - Ferentz