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Iowa vs. Iowa State Football LIVEGAMEOPENTHREAD

We spent all week bringing the hate (and telling you where you can find the game). Now it's time to cut through all the bullshit and just play some football.

There's no late-breaking injury news to report; everyone who was good to go earlier in the week is still good to go, while everyone who was out earlier in the week is still out. The news isn't so cheery for Iowa State; there are persistent rumors that Jake Knott, their best linebacker, is dealing with an arm injury that could limit him (or keep him out of the game altogether). That would be a big blow for a team whose defense is already stretched pretty thin.

On paper, Iowa has a more talented team, but that's been true for some time in the Cy-Hawk rivalry and it hasn't always meant much. Jack Three Times is as hostile an environment as the Hawks will play in this year and strange, random things have been known to happen there. The trick, as Patrick noted yesterday, will be getting off to a fast start and burying Iowa State's momentum before it can get going.

It's not likely that Iowa needed additional incentive to win this game, given the whole in-state rivalry aspect (complete with new trophy), but the scary news regarding former teammate Brett Greenwood might provide a touch of added motivation. We continue to hope for a full and complete recovery for Greenwood. In the meantime, go Hawks -- pound some Cyclones.

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