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Brett Greenwood Collapses During Workout, Sent To Iowa City Hospital

And now we step aside from the hysteria and absurdity of Hate Week for some very sobering news.  Former Iowa safety Brett Greenwood, recently cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers, was rushed to the hospital after collapsing during a workout at Pleasant Valley High School (his alma mater).  Don Doxsie of The Quad-City Times has the most detailed account of just what happened:

[Pleasant Valley athletic director Randy] Teymer said it did not appear Greenwood was doing anything that strenuous, but the next time he looked up, about 3 p.m., Greenwood was lying on the turf.

PV medical personnel, who were at Spartan Stadium preparing for the sophomore game, rushed to his aid. Team trainer Jason Viel was the first to reach Greenwood and said he thought it was a heart attack.

"That's just an assumption," Viel said. "Basically, his heart stopped. I know that."

Viel said it took only one shock from a defibrillator to restore a pulse, however.

Thankfully, Greenwood was listed in stable condition late Friday, per Hawk Central.  It was incredibly fortunate that Pleasant Valley's trainer and nurse happened to be on hand when Greenwood collapsed and were able to give him immediate medical care.  We at BHGP wish Brett a full and speedy recovery from this terrifying situation; take a few moments to send he and his family some well-wishes and prayers during this football Saturday.