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Iowa State Media Days Are Strange, Wonderful

Iowa Media Day is going on right now and we'll be sure to breathlessly report any actual news that comes from there (Ed. Note: hahahahaha), but in the meantime Iowa State Media Day was yesterday and, judging by the photographic evidence, it was a doozy.  Hats off to you, AP photographer Charlie Neibergall.

Jake McDonough ponders the meaninglessness of human existence, universal entropy, and the inevitable heat death of the universe.  Also known as "the 2011 Iowa State football season."


Dazed and confused in Jack Three Times is no way to go through life, Jerome Tiller.

"I'm just so... proud to be your coach?"
"I'm a legit first round draft prospect.  And I'm at Iowa State.  No, I can't explain it, either.  Sorry."

(Ed. Note: The fancy new scoreboard they installed continues to look like it was just Photoshopped into the stadium.  Awk-ward.) 
Shontrelle Johnson reacts with predictable terror upon seeing the "ghost" of Jack Trice, a hologram specially commissioned by Jamie Pollard to be the latest enhancement to Iowa State's on-field entrance.