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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It Is Getting Fat For The Hell Of It

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Just for the hell of it.

Kirk Ferentz would probably be one hell of a horseshoes player.  It doesn't just seem like Iowa plays an insane amount of close games -- they really do.  Since 2005, they've played 31 games decided by one possession, more than anyone except Auburn, Georgia, and Clemson.  Unfortunately, they're not so good at those close games.  In fact, they're really not so good at them, going just 12-19.  Only Clemson (11-23) has been worse in close games.  (Incidentally, Iowa was better in close games during the first six years of Ferentz's tenure, going 14-12.)

Is there a magic bullet that explains Iowa's poor record in close games?  Bad luck?  Poor coaching?  Bone-headed players?  Spiteful football deities?  It's probably a combination thereof, but it would still behoove the coaches and players to figure out ways to improve that ghastly record, because that record is one big reason why Iowa doesn't have more trophies in its collection over the past few years.

Pig in duress.  Floyd of Rosedale has been imprisoned in Minnesota since that dark, cold day last November when a Brewster-less Minnesota team toppled Iowa and reclaimed everyone's favorite bronze pig.  Since then, Floyd's been busy, traveling the banquet circuit and inspiring profound statements from Minnesota football players:

"We just kind of cherish it," Bennett said. "We walk past it every morning we have nutrition so it’s a constant reminder of what we accomplished last year and what we can accomplish this year."

"That was a tremendous feeling. Probably the biggest win since I’ve been here, I’d say as a Gopher," Rallis said. "To finally get a trophy game on top of everything that we’d gone through … to be able to celebrate like that, go over to the sideline and grab the pig, it was a great feeling." 

Which is probably true, esepcially when you consider Minnesota's recent history in trophy games:

The Gophers compete in four trophy games, and Floyd of Rosedale is the only one that resides in the team’s trophy case. Minnesota plays Wisconsin for Paul Bunyan’s Axe, and the Gophers have won it just twice since 1994 (ED. NOTE: last in 2003). The Gophers compete against Michigan for the Little Brown Jug and have won it just once (2005) since 1986. Minnesota plays Penn State for the Governor’s Victory Bell, which the Gophers last won in 2004.

Bully to Minnesota players for finally getting to see a rivalry trophy in-person for the first time in a half-decade, but Floyd wants to come home now.  We'll be back in October to reclaim him, thank you.

In Europe we trust.  The last time the Iowa women's basketball team took a summer trip to Europe, they won a Big Ten title the following winter.  Who's hoping that wasn't just coincidence, as the Iowa women's basketball team takes off for another trip to Europe? Lisa Bluder, that's who:

"I think history repeats itself," Iowa coach Lisa Bluder said Thursday. "Why not? Why not make it happen again?"

Bluder and the Hawkeyes leave Monday for a 13-day European tour that takes them to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and France.

Well, best of luck with that plan. 

Facilities porn.  Finally, the coaches and administrative staff are moving back into Carver-Hawkeye Arena now that the renovations are (nearly) complete.  The biggest change (other than tons more space, fancy new locker rooms, additional practice facilities, and a bigger weight room)? Black and gold imagery all up in this joint.

"The other thing about Carver that we did not have is you didn’t see black and gold in the building," Meyer said. "We’ve, obviously, incorporated our school colors and our logos in the new facility, which is important, obviously, as you’re trying to sell it for both student-athletes and donors."

And if your thirst for new facilities information is still not slaked, go check out the renderings for the new indoor football facility.

(EDIT: Now with more video of the new-look CHA.  T/F/J to commenter rupertj)


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