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2011 Big Ten Football Preview: Who Will Win The Floyd Of Rosedale Division?

Because Legends and Leaders is (still) stupid and because East and West is mildly incoherent thanks to the Wisconsin-Michigan Paradox (and because jNW and Illinois are also split, I guess), but divisions still need names, dammit. Calling it The Floyd of Rosedale division doesn't mean a damn thing for the 2/3 of the teams in the division, but whatever. In any event, the season is just days away, which means it's time for us to put a marker down on who's going to win things. So without further ado, the contenders:

Go Iowa Awesome! Marcus Coker. The history of under the radar Iowa teams in the KF Era.
Cons: Where's the defensive line? And the safeties? Is that quarterback actually good?

GERG-free since January 2011! Denard, Denard, more Denard.
Cons: How does Denard work in MANBALL? Desperately seeking a defense.

Kirk Cousins' eloquent arm. The Edwin Baker and Larry Caper Show. Defensive line goin' beast mode.
Cons: We are not the 2011 version of 2010 Iowa! Offensive linemen need nametags.

Brewster B-Gone. MarQueis Gray's magic feet. Troy Stoudemire and the golden kickoff return.
Cons: Still Minnesota. MarQueis Gray's misfiring armcannon. De... fense?

Crick cracks backs, is no crock. T-Magic. RAAAAAGE.
Cons: T-Magic out of service. Welcome to the Big Ten from the Delanybot 9000! RAAAAAGE.

Black Purple Magick. #Persa4Heisman. Seriously, Evil Wizgerald: one lucky bastard or tactical genius.
Cons: Persa Strong... not so strong? What's a running game? What's a defense?