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Blatant Product Promotion Thursday: New Shirts for 2011 at Black Heart Gold Shirts

Obligatory feed the beast post: NEW T-SHIRTS AT THE T-SHIRT SHOP.

For three years, BHGP has been your one-stop shop for shirts that (1) are not at all related to the name of our starting quarterback and (2) will almost certainly get you slapped at a road game.  The tradition continues this season.  Before we get to the goods, a couple of changes for this season.  First, in response to demands from both of our female readers, we've tried to offer women's shirts for each product.  Spreadshirt doesn't offer women's sizes in gold, so we went with black and yellow options where we could.  Second, if you don't want to scroll through nine pages of shirts at the shop, they have now been classified by subject.  Click the "All categories" dropdown menu in the gray bar to refine your results.

First things first, though:

Forthekidsblack_medium Forthekidsgold_medium Forthekidswomens_medium

All profits from sales of BHGP Is For the Children shirts go to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.  All profits that come your way as a result of wearing it in public are yours to keep.  Baby we got yo money.

I went and bought me an outfit today that costed a lot of money today cuz I figured BHGP was gonna win.  I don't know how y'all see it, but when it comes to the children, BHGP is for the children.  We teach the children, y'know what I mean?  Black Shoe Diaries is good, but BHGP is the best, OK?  I want y'all to know that this is HS and I love you all.  Peace.

Many more shirts after the break...



Freefloydshirt_medium Freefloydtextshirt_medium

Seeing him in that cage, surrounded by people who just don't understand how tasty he is, I...we have to save him.  Free Floyd gear is available in gold and white (silhouette shirt) and gold and black (Rambo text shirt).

Congratsshirts_medium Congratsshirtwhitetext_medium

I think this one is self-explanatory.  And since it isn't just about Iowa, we made it available for everyone.  If you're a fan of, say, Michigan State, and want to mock our newest pledges, just go to the shop, open the shirt with white text, and change the color to spartan green.  There's scarlet for OSU, purple for Northwestern, navy for PSU, and whatever color Purdue is for them, too.

Mandenbergshirt1_medium Mandenbergshirt2_medium

I don't know what this is referring to.  Nope, no idea.  Just putting it out there because it sounds kinda funny.

Tailgateshirt1_medium Shotgunshirt_medium Knuckleheadshirt_medium

If you want to take the chance of being singled out for arbitrary punishment by gameday police, you can pretty much just show up on campus Saturday.  if you want to guarantee you'll be singled out for arbitrary punishment by gameday police, show up on campus in one of these.

Fotp_medium Goiowaawesome_medium Isugirls_medium
Lemanshirt_medium Paternoshirt_medium Pwnedstate_medium

And, of course, all of the old favorites are here.  Plus, a reminder:  Due to last year's fantastic success with IT4K, we are again donating all profits from Friend of the Pants shirt purchases to Iowa Touchdowns for Kids.  So if you bought a black one last season, it might be time to pick up a gold one.  Do it for the kids.  Trick luh da kids.

As we have done for the last three years, our shirts will be supplied via Spreadshirt.  They have been very reliable in the past, but if there are any problems with an order, email me at and I'll see what I can do to resolve them.  Turnaround time on an order is usually about five days, so if you want to have that GO IOWA AWESOME shirt for the opener, order today.