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Players to watch for in 2011: Derek Moye - Penn State

With the season fast approaching, it's time to take a look at Iowa's schedule and profile one opposing player who could be an important factor in each game.  

Date:  October 8

Team:  Penn State

Player:  Derek Moye


What you need to know:

Who is this jabroni?

He's a 6'5" 210 lb senior wide receiver from Rochester, PA.

What has he accomplished?

In the last two years, he has caught 101 passes for 1670 yards and 14 touchdowns.  Holds a career average of over 16 yards per reception.  Got third place in a karaoke contest at a local bar for his surprisingly decent rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.  He once sucked a golf ball through 50 feet of garden hose.  Sort of knows how to change a tire.


Why should you be concerned about him?

Why should you not be worried about him?

  • Guys named Derek are never that good at anything. 
What is the most likely outcome?

He looks like he has pretty good hands, so BHGP was forced to plant a spy at PSU's practices and secretly replace all the footballs with things that no one in the world would ever want to catch.    

A cactus:



A cartoon bomb:


More after the jump...




Poison Ivy:


A very hairy ass:


A placenta:



Guy Fieri's head:




A Coldplay album:



At this point, I'm pretty sure he'll be gun-shy enough to get the fuck out of the way of anything thrown in his direction for the rest of his life.


Predicted Stat Line:  16 targets, 0 touches.  Pretty good if it were a dodgeball game.


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