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Players to watch for in 2011: Brandon Lindsey - Pittsburgh

With the season fast approaching, it's time to take a look at Iowa's schedule and profile one opposing player who could be an important factor in each game.  

Date:  September 17

Team:  Pittsburgh

Player: Brandon Lindsey


What you need to know:


Who is this jabroni?

He's a 6-2, 250lb senior linebacker from Aliquippa, PA.

What has he accomplished?

In 2010 he led the Big East in tackles for loss and was second in sacks. Ranked 16th nationally in both categories.  Can play with a hand down, or as a hybrid OLB.

Why should you be concerned about him?

He was 2nd Team All-Big East!

Why should you not be worried about him?

It's the fucking Big East.

What is the most likely outcome?

Riley Reiff will stuff him into his lower lip like a dip of chew. 




Final Stat Line:  4 attempted tackles, 1 QB near-hurry, 1 almost pass-breakup