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And With This, Barking Carnival Is Off Our RSS Feed

First, listen to Will Lyles' interview with Bomani Jones on The Score from Tuesday. In fact, if you do nothing else with this article, just at least listen to that interview and judge Lyles for yourself. To us, he sounds like a normal, reasonable person who probably broke an NCAA rule or two (or at the very least facilitated Oregon's rule-breaking, if the NCAA determines they did). Now, read Recruitocosm's jarringly racist "satire" of Lyles, in which they treat the scout/advisor/whatever like some idiot Jesse Jackson on drugs. Unless there's some other way to interpret a guy who doesn't know his words, plays up an aggressive victim complex, can't take responsibility, talks southern slang, and is desperate for a McRib. Come on. Don't treat us like we're stupid here. There's no reason to characterize Lyles with any of those qualities, and no reason for Recruitocosm to even think of pinning them on him, except for the fact that Lyles is black.

And now this, FanTake partner (and SB Nation member) Barking Carnival not denouncing the lousy garbage of a "satire" article, but instead doubling down in its support of Recruitocosm. Look, I know Bomani doesn't need me carrying water for him and he's big enough to fight his own battles, but bullshit is bullshit, and I'm not just going to sit around and let a blog associated with our great network pull off some cheap, lazy racism for a laugh. If you can't put words in a black man's mouth in the name of "satire" without making him shuck and jive for all your white readers, then maybe you should stop putting words in a black man's mouth. Maybe that's how they do things down in Texas, but that's not how we do it on SB Nation.

Oh, and the "satire" was terrible even without the racism.